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Is Stanford Financial A Ponzi Scheme?

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Or a scam of any kind? Laura Pendergest-Holt's totally at ease demeanor says no! Interrupting commentator Mike Darda to show us footage of the firm's Chief Investment Officer arriving in a Houston courthouse to be arraigned on charges of one count of conspiracy and one count of obstruction, CNBC's cameraman shows us a calm, cool and collected LPH. In fact, she looks like she's having a downright great time! There she is with her water bottle, smiling away, laughing and chattin' it up in the lobby, making plans with a couple of bros to meet up later. Of course, she should probably consider bringing on the waterworks, in the interest of sympathy and whatnot, but for now it's nice to see this thing isn't phasing her.
Update: Oh, perhaps it was nervous laughter. According to Scott Cohn, LPH had forgotten to bring ID with her this morning, which was why she was chilling/socializing in the lobby long enough for prying eyes to get the impression she's not sweating this thing. This is why it's always a good idea to pack your bag the night before showing up in court. You wait 'til that morning and you're definitely going to leave the house without everything you need. Think, LPH, THINK!