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Jamie Dimon Beats Lloyd Blankfein

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When it comes to coeds. In Universum USA's annual survey of college students' top picks for employers they'd like to work for, JPMorgan beat Goldman Sachs for the first time since the survey began 14 years ago, coming in at 19 and 21, respectively, a coup the pollsters attribute to JPM having "a very dedicated CEO who's been quite visible." Since these kids have had one, maybe two internships at these companies during undergrad, and were asked to name five of their dream jobs, this thing is really based on which CEO comes off as the best Beirut partner (as it should be). And speaking of drinking, Bank of America clocked in at the 31st most desired place to work, which must please Ken Lewis greatly. Other notable results (and how they did last year):
- Morgan Stanley: 40 (25)
- Federal Reserve Bank: 45 (49)
- Wells Fargo: 62 (78)
- Deutsche Bank: 73 (59)
- Citi: 94 (43)
Undergrads Shuffle List of Dream Employers [BW via Dealbook]