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Jeff Macke Will Be Back

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Sooner, rather than later, it seems! The Fast Money contributor apparently wrote on Minyanville just now that he'll be back in action Monday, in post entitled "People Say I'm Crazy..." (which we can't see, lacking a login, so those who can should get in touch). The "crazy" is presumably a reference to this appearance on the Kudlow report last week:

The Mackster's been MIA since then, with Steve Grasso taking his seat on the show. It's unclear if this means his contract with the network, which is said to be up in June, has been renewed or if this is more of a send-off type situation. We hope it's the former, as none of you can deny the above performance is just the sort of thing that place needs more of.
Update: Here's what J-Mack wrote. Apparently the meltdown coincided with a vacation he's had planned for a while.

Greetings from New York, where I'm taking a long-planned staycation, which morphed into a trip to Charlotte to address a ministry group on how to best help congregations deal with the financial crisis.

My underlying message was, is, and will likely remain:
1. Don't invest in hope, because that rules out anything financial (save, possibly, Goldman Sachs (GS));
2. Don't "buy and hold" and get uninvested to the point where you rediscover your sense of peace regarding their financial positioning. At that point, let's begin the rebellion against the pure lunacy and flat-out illegal manner in which this administration takes control of companies who long-ago earned the right to be euthanized.
All apologies to those offended by the absurd (and endless) bailout of General Motors (GM). If you're delighted to pay for the better part of Detroit, I really can't speak for or to you. You likely think I'm crazy, and I doubt you understand what's unfolding before your very eyes. If you're actually in favor of leapfrogging socialism straight into totalitarianism, let's just agree not to talk to one another at all.
Regardless, I haven't been "kicked off" or "put on probation" from Fast Money. I plan on being there next Monday. That's simply all I have to say on the matter.