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Ken Lewis: BAC Can Raise $10B in Asset Sales, $17B in Common Equity

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Also: Business at Countrywide "is on a positive sense," business at Merrill is "fine," and calls for BAC to break up are "absurd." Furthermore, KL tells Becky, Carl and Joe, "Bank of America has a great story to tell." But this is a family network and it wouldn't be appropriate. But MAN the stories he could tell. All I'll say is bottle of Boone's, lighter fluid, tire iron, me, Ang. Moz, and a coupla buxom hooks. No, no, I can't say more. Want to but can't. But I'm gonna think about it in my mind right now. Just give me a minute to reminisce.
Update: Lewis claims he'll be leaving BAC sometime "in the next three years." Maybe today!
Update II: KL supposedly has "no idea where the leaks came from," drunk dials to the press not included.
Update III: "Nobody should question the integrity of Bernanke or Paulson" [to someone off camera: "They're not here are they? Jesus you scared the piss out of me."]