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Ken Lewis "Hopes" To Pay Back TARP Sooner Rather Than Later

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He also "hopes" that *someone* will surprise him a Boone's of the month club membership but that doesn't mean it's gonna happen. Lewis said during a conference call this morning that he's keeping his fingers crossed that it's "it's months, not years" before he's freed of the shackles of the government's blood money, which investors tell him every day to "get rid of as soon as possible." Pausing to take a swing of Strawberry Hill and note, "this is really good," K to the L added, "But we just have to see how the capital markets operate and then how the economy does. Because the whole intent of this exercise has been to make sure that banks have the proper amount of capital so that they can, in fact, lend money in this environment. So the pay back will be dependent on not only our view of things, but also the regulators view of things."
Lewis said on Friday that he will walk out of the BAC building for good sometime "in the next three years." Meaning he could very well pack up his shit (a number two pencil and a half-empty match book from the first bar he threw up in after being named CEO) and leave today or tomorrow or next Wednesday. Does he leave before the money's paid back?