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Ken Lewis Selling Assets

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What's this joyous news I hear? We're finally being offered the opportunity to sleep where Ken Lewis hath slept my darlings! KL has slashed the price of his 5,700 square foot vacation home by 13 percent, to the bargain basement price of $3.3 million. Boone's Boy bought the place in 2002 for $3 million, with a guy named Dennis Thompson, which is weird, but whatevs! It's on Spring Island, a private community (gated for his protection) near Hilton Head and comes with a screening room filled with happy memories of movie nights with Ang Moz, and what is likely a rarely-used office. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

A BAC associate is staffed with the job of stashing bottles of Strawberry Hill around the living room (under the couch, in between cushions) each April so Lewis can go on his own version of an Easter egg hunt.

Where the magic happens.

Imagine the culinary delights Mozilo has spent many a night whipping up in here! (Lewis sent him to cooking school after the acquisition in anticipation of naming him BAC's in-house chef.) Believe me when I tell you it was money well spent.


Ken Lewis's Great Idea Pad Sells For $3.15 Million

They said it couldn't be done. They said it didn't matter if it was $4.5 million or $2.5 million or if they were giving it away. They said potentials buyers wouldn't be swayed by the pitch to "sleep where Angelo Mozilo hath slept, after a few too many troughs of Boone's farm" (AKA "The Mozilo Bedroom"), or to impress guests with the cocktail party fodder that "that chair you're sitting in right now the very one Ken Lewis was sitting in when he decided to buy Merrill Lynch, can't get better investing karma than that." They said the vomit stains on the rug would not be a selling point. They were wrong.