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Larry Summers: Snoozing At An Inopportune Time Again?

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Yeah, probably not, though Page Sixclaims it so. Supposedly Lar, who took a nice nap last month during a meeting with credit card industry officials, got some shut eye last week during a private meeting with the President. We're a bit skeptical about this one because a) there were no reporters there, and who is leaking details of one-on-ones* with the Prez and b) after Summers' penchant for catching a few winks on the job made Obama's roast during the White House Correspondents Dinner, you'd think he'd be pumping himself full of amphetamines prior to making stops at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
*It's unclear if the meeting was just Summers and Obama, or if others were there, but the point remains. Unless Joe Biden was on hand, in which case, why didn't we hear about this sooner?