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Let's Get You A Job

Recently, we've been exploring job opportunities for those of you looking to get out of the financial services field (on your own terms or because you've been asked to leave the building). Last week, for the thespians in the group, we suggested gigs in which you use your experience to talk shop for various hedge fund scams. Today we've got something for those of you looking to get in touch with your skankier sides. Perhaps you've been thinking about getting into the stripping industry? But were feeling a little bashful about the prospect? Worried you wouldn't fit in with the other working girls? Put those fears to bed, mon chichis-- you're not alone. Hopefully this will give you the confidence you need to make your move.

And it's not just women who have taken a dodgy detour off the professional high road.
"We have noticed an increase in guys calling in for jobs that don't normally work in our line of business," says Tommy (last name withheld), who calls himself the "head hunk" at the Manhattan male strip club Hunkmania, located on West 21st Street. "We recently hired a guy from Fairfield County* who had lost his job on Wall Street."

Live Nude Stockbrokers [Fairfield Weekly]
*Any ideas?