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Live-Blogging The Citi Stress Test Conference Call

- Vikram in the hizzous!
- He's "glad the results have been announced"
- The markets needed transparency and only a process like this can create transparency
- The test was apparently a "rigorous and thorough process." You don't even want to know the places they looked.
- Where do we go from here?
1. It's good to have the cushion to withstand economic stress, but we must remain focussed.
2. Very confident separating the Citi Corp and Citi Holdings businesses was the right step to take
3. We want to repay TARP as quickly as possibly. BUT, to be clear, we don't view repaying of TARP as a license to go back to our old business practices.
- We have an enviable global network almost impossible to replicate, even if you tried, though not sure why you would
- CFO Ned Kelly takes the mic
- This was a milestone
- The results should put the whole "capital strength issue behind us"
- Geithner can S a fucking D, cause "we didn't get enough credit for expense reductions"
- Guy Moszkowski has a question about conversions, which I miss
- And that's it. Obviously question of the night-- WHERE THE HELL IS MEREDITH WHITNEY?