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Live-Blogging The JPMorgan Stress Test Conference Call

- YES: Jamie Dimon just bitched out the announcer while he was reading the whole forward looking statement thing. ("Can we just skip all that and get to the call? Thanks.")
- CFO Mike Cavanagh in the house
- Rockin' out with our glocks out. As you might've heard, the government says we don't need shit.
- We feel like it was a conservative stress test...pretty stringent...reasonable
- The fact that we have such a strong position and earnings power makes us feel good
- We feel good about the future of the place
- Jamie has nothing to say
- Guy Moszkowski has a question about "the credit card stuff." As presented rather than managed basis, does that change the bottom line? A: No.
- John McDonald: With the rules of repaying TARP clarified, can you talk more on that, Jamie?
- JD: The best we know right now is there will be a process for those who want to repay, which we will be involved in.
- Moshe Orenbuch: John and Guy asked my questions.
And we're done here.