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Love Gov Injects A Little Something In Our Morning

He's back, baby! It starts slowly, with a twenty minute appearance on Squawk Box. Next, subbing on Opening Bell while Erin Burnett's on vacay. Soon, whispers Melissa Lee's got reason to watch her back. Is this a hint at *someone* taking over for Dylan Ratigan? Fingers crossed. Ness was noticeably a bit cranky this morning, but he's just not used to waking up before noon. Bless her heart, Becky Quick tried to get him to talk bangin' prosities, but the noted hooker fucker was having none of it ("I'm said I'm sorry, that's the end of it. What do you want to hear Becky, that I'm a whore? Okay, I'm a big fat whore.") Give it time. Among things Big E would like answers to, is why Goldman doesn't need money under the results of the stress test. Lloyd? Wanna take that one?