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Madoff Son Bitch Slapped Into Keeping Low Profile

Of course, he probably should've been avoiding showing his face, let alone defending his father, in public already but no one ever said the Madoff spawn were fast learners. Apparently Andy Madoff has recently started staying inside with the shades drawn, after sharing a moment in front of an Upper East Side Chinese restaurant with a former employee of daddy. We're told fish boy and his girlfriend (fish girl Catherine Hooper) recently ran into Madoff Securities prop trader Reed Abend who, somewhat understandably, began to talk shit. At this time, Hooper took it upon herself to defend the family and started screaming at Abdend. Andy then shoved Reed, and punches by both were thrown in what was apparently "mostly a bitch fight but a very entertaining one at that." Anyway! It's in the Madoff brothers' contract that all mentions must accompany fishing pics, so enjoy some new ones after the jump.
Update: Apparently at one point Andy told Reed he "isn't the only victim," with the suggestion that this whole Ponzi scheme had hurt Andy deeply, too.