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Monica Lewinksy To Join Geithner At Treasury?

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We're not saying its definitively going down but given T. Geith's much noted desperation to fill some slots and apparent proclivity for former Bill Clinton does have the potential to happen.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is surrounding himself with former aides to President Bill Clinton as he attempts to rebound from a rocky start even as top-tier vacancies have slowed decision-making.
Former Clinton press secretary Jake Siewert, a business development and government affairs officer at aluminum giant Alcoa, is headed to Treasury soon as a senior adviser, sources said.
He will join an advisory team that also includes former Clinton economic adviser Gene Sperling and Lee Sachs, who was an assistant Treasury secretary for financial matters under Clinton.
The former Clinton aides have credibility because Clinton's tenure in the 1990s was marked by a strong economy, though the economic problems they encountered bear little resemblance to the crushing challenges President Barack Obama faces.

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