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Morgan Stanley Hires (Another) Football Player

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Another day, another pro-athlete added to the Morgan Stanley roster as part of an elaborate scheme John Mack's been cooking up, the details of which are yet to be revealed. Today it's New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet, as a financial adviser (previously, it was Carolinas wide receiver Steve Smith, as an intern; tomorrow, OJ, as a compliance officer).

Chrebet is joining the Moldaver Group, a wealth-management team with six investment professionals at its Red Bank office, New York-based Morgan Stanley said in a statement today. He has been at Morgan Stanley about six months and recently completed all his tests and training to become a financial adviser. Chrebet holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice from Hofstra University.
"Ever since I made my first dollar I made it a point of learning about the market, learning where my investments are," Chrebet said. "I've always helped out the younger guys through my career and some of the other players who weren't as knowledgeable and took pride in that...It's a great second career for me."

Nice! Heartwarming and all that. Of course, probably difficult to take for the guys who were making it their first careers until the hatchet man came a' calling, and don't have the luxury of taking the position Chrebet left vacant with the Jets, but what can you do. This, however, is troubling:

"Obviously you don't hear 70,000 people cheering for you when you are doing this, but it's exciting," Chrebet said in a phone interview. "I love it."

Don't hear 70,000 people cheering for you when you're doing this? On behalf of, let's just go with Jim Simons, who has a stadium's worth of SUNY Stony Brook students he bussed in do a little dance every time he makes a buck, we say, speak for yourself. As for the rest of you-- dream big.