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Mrs. ESL Not Being Forcibly Downgraded To Sears

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As you're aware, here at Dealbreaker we've been taking careful note of the various ways in which the wives of formerly successful financial services hacks have been forced to demean themselves due to unprecedented market volatility. Flying commercial over private.* Wearing J. Crew. Driving Honda Pilots. Performing A2M without even the possibility of it resulting in a trip to the ATM. Of course, most of the women covered are the wives of faceless ex-bankers, and not the ladies we really want to hear from. One "wife of" we've expressed concern for is Kinga Lampert. Would Eddie's place on this list (two years in a row, what what!) mean she'd have to start shopping at SHLD (or working there)? Apparently, not so! Things are all good in the hood for Mrs. ESL, and unlike some her "peers," who aren't even attending parties where they might be photographed, she threw one Tuesday night in Valentino's honor (our second favorite Tan Man). This pleases us greatly.
*Like Lloyd Blankfein.