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Not The Fishing Gear!

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Oh my god please tell me this won't affect the fishing gear. Take the houses, the cars, fuck it, take Ruth, but not the bait and tackle. Lock that shit up where it can't found. The Postreports that Irving Picard, the trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff's assets, is threatening to go there, i.e. the place where lawsuits are filed seeking to take Ruth and Andy and Mark's stuff, which the haters claim was purchased with ill-gotten gains (even though Lady McMadoff and her spawn maintain they knew nothing).

Prosecutors have already identified more than $93 million worth of homes, boats, cars and even a Steinway piano belonging to Ruth Madoff, who has been slapped with a forfeiture notice.
The Post also learned that Bernie Madoff's sons Andrew and Mark received loans totaling $30 million from their Dad since 2004 -- another sum that could be destined for Picard's pot.
"The fact that we have not yet brought a lawsuit against a member of the Madoff family does not mean that we will not," said Picard, who has come under heavy fire for trying to claw back millions from innocent victims.

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