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Promotions At Bank Of America!

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Sort of! As you are likely aware, compensation at Bank of Amerillwide was drastically cut last year, to a bottle of Boone's and one free pass to Angelo Mozilo's favorite Mystic Tan (it's got the hottest bulbs). This has been a source of anger for sales employees in Private Asset Management (most especially top earners, as commissions were put in a pool and split evenly, so that "if you made exceptional numbers or if you sucked you got the same bonus"). Apparently after a good deal of bitching and moaning about the situation, BAC decided to make those with "exceptional" numbers feel better about the matter of getting screwed with a little "ego boost." VP's became SVP's and SVP's MDs yesterday. However, management has apparently failed to inform the promotees as to whether or not the title changes come with a pay increase, or if they're simply "a pat on the back to make us feel appreciated, which would've gone a lot further if it at least came with some freaking Spirit Points (though we all know that ain't going to happen)."