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Sleep Where Dick Fuld Hath Slept

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The Observerreports that Richard and the wife, Kathy, are "marketing" (but not yet listing, in order to avoid bad press) their 640 Park Avenue co-op, which mostly served as a crash pad for the former Lehman Brothers CEO and his various lieutenants (the couple's primary residence is in Greenwich). It'll set you back $32 million, which is $11 million more than they paid for it less than two and half years ago, but that sounds like a bargain when you think of the star power that comes with, and the various nicknacks left behind by Erin Callan after LEH slumber parties, which you could probably flip on eBay and pocket some decent coin. You'll also score: four bedrooms, a 25 foot-long dining room, five fireplaces, and the ghost of a dearly departed chocolate lab, who will haunt your dreams.
Fuld Wants $32 Million For Park Co-Op [Observer via Cityfile]


Sleep Where Dan Loeb Hath Slept

The Third Point founder is reportedly looking for a buyer for his 10,674-square-foot penthouse at 15 Central Park West. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, people hear that Loeb "wants $100 million," which would represent a 122.22% return (DL and his wife bought the place for $45 million in 2008). While perhaps a tad pricey, consider that back in November, Sandy Weill was able to get $88 million for his 15CPW apartment, a relative dump at 6,744-square-feet.* As for the Loebs, they are apparently "in search of something larger," if you've got any leads. It seems pretty obvious that a fellow hedge fund manager with a 20,000 square foot UES mansion** and a liquidity problem might want to get in touch but we'll let him come to that in his own time. Apartment Hunting For The Superrich [NYT] *Weill told prospective buyers that he'd be donating the money to charity but maybe they would've done this for him anyway. **Selling points: Indoor pool, bar and lounge with a closet.