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Soho House's War On Bankers Continues

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A couple months back Soho House started giving financial service industry hacks the cold shoulder, refusing to renew the memberships of several Wall Street "types," under the guise of getting back to its "creative roots." To that end, they recently enacted a new dress code that bans suits (with "blue shirt, black pants" obviously coming up next) obviously in an attempt to keep people like you out:

What not to Wear
At Soho House, we've always believed that a relaxed atmosphere is a critical part of our identity. Taking that belief a step further, we're asking members not to wear jackets and ties to the Roof this summer. We'd like to extend that mood on the 6th Floor, too. Obviously we recognize the style and allure of a well-tailored suit, but we've always wanted the House to feel like a home away from home rather than an extension of the office, so please do keep that in mind.