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State Street's War On Printing Continues

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From: Employee Communication
To: State Street Employees
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:12 PM
Subject: New Default Settings for Multi-function Network Printers
As part of Global Procurement Services' (GPS) plans to aggressively review our spend with all suppliers and partners and to align the company's day-to-day activities with State Street's environmental sustainability efforts, the default settings on all networked floor printers will be changed to print documents double-sided and in black and white print. It is important to note that customer production print will not be affected by this change, and we have contacted key individuals from each business unit to identify those that should be bypassed for this initiative.

Starting the week of May 11, IT began to convert all multi-function and network devices throughout Eastern Massachusetts to the default settings below. This new default feature will be available for printers that are capable of the defaults by Friday, May 22.
Default to Duplex
The default to duplex for all existing multi function and network printers will result in double-sided printing of documents and will help reduce paper waste. If you need to print single-sided, you can select this option from the "printer properties" in the print menu.
Default to Black and White
For all existing color multi-function and network printers, the default setting will be changed to black and white to significantly reduce expenses associated with printing on color devices due to the cost of color toner in comparison with black and white. If you need to print in color, you can select this option from the "printer properties" in the print menu.
We appreciate your support in helping State Street meet our financial and environmental goals.