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Steve Cohen Snubbed Via Guest List

The Post's Keith Krelly reports today that our favorite Stamfordian was a no-show at last night's fête to celebrate the 100 most influential people of the year, as determined by Time magazine. That's probably because the big guy wasn't invited. Which, yes, is an unforgivable dis that someone's going to die for but the more important point lies in the other list Bubba was left off-- the Time 100. That's a problem for a couple of reasons.
1) Big boy doesn't attend parties that aren't being thrown in his honor.* That's just a fact. I don't care if it's your birthday, bachelor, retirement, coming out party or Sweet 16-- you want him there, you find a way to incorporate his presence into the proceedings and his name onto the cake.
2) (And this is actually sort of serious, not that you shouldn't take the previous intel as gospel if you have any desire for him to give a toast congratulating your transition from Samuel to Samantha) The fact that he was left off the list is part of the grander takeaway that this little compilation was a pile of sham. Besides Stizzle, where was Chanos? Paulson (talkin' John, not Bald)? Einhorn? (Try telling me 'horny doesn't deserve a spot, whether for the little dealio with Lehman or his contributions to porn. Try and fail, cockbags.) Not only did they not make the final cut, they weren't even considered as finalists. That list, we'll remind you, includes Charlie Gasarpino, Jim Cramer, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and Ken Lewis. That's a charade you couldn't pay SC to take part in, even if you lured him there under the false pretenses that there was some ice that needed smoothing.
*Unless he's told ahead of time there'll be a private Jonas Brothers concert to bid on, in which case, he makes an exception.