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Stress Test Conference Calls

This was expected but nice to confirm: these fuckers are all basically holding their calls at the same time. Obviously it comes down to Bank of America or Citi. On the one hand, I'm thinking you gotta go with C, 'cause it feels like we have less info on them than BAC. On the other, Ken Lewis will probably be full of more (drunken) horse shit, and you know we're always up for that. And not that there'll be much to report, but it'd be cool to hear Dimon tell the crowd, "looks like we're still rockin out with our glocks out." AMEX, no offense, is obviously out.

Wells Fargo @ 5:30pm
Call Number: (888) 744-3655
Conference ID: 99183364
Web Link:

Citigroup @ 6pm
Call Number: (877) 700-4194
Conference ID: 98930052
Web Link:
Bank of America @ 6pm
Call Number: 1.877.200.4456
Conference ID: 79795
Web Link:
American Express @ 6pm
Call Number: 1.800.398.9379
Conference ID: 100714
Web Link:
JP Morgan @ 6:30pm
Call Number: 1-866-541-2724
Conference ID: None
Web Link: