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Stress Test Mess

With so much blood shed over these absurd stress tests, you just know that the results are going to be a disaster any way you cut it. That any administration would allow itself to be backed into this kind of lose-lose test result speaks for itself. Tests designed to instill confidence in failing institutions are not worth the recycled paper they are printed on. Tests exposing how badly damaged institutions are would be political dynamite. Either way, the fireworks begin next Thursday.

The Federal Reserve and Treasury Department plan to release results of their tests assessing the health of the country's 19 largest banks on Thursday, later than had been previously planned.
Regulators are expected to disclose potential loss estimates for each individual bank, a government official said.
In addition, the results will be tallied across the banks to give the public a better picture of the health of the banking industry. U.S. officials will disclose the loss estimates for certain loan categories and the banks' ability "to absorb those losses" under more-adverse economic scenarios.

U.S. to Release Stress-Test Results on May 7 [The Wall Street Journal]
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