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Sugar Babies Busted

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The tag team prostitute/pimp married couple that screwed DuPont heir Stephen Dent out of a bunch of money after he met the wife on a straight and narrow website called (where Dent was a regular, natch), pled guilty yesterday to charges of larceny and extortion. Dawn Jessop was one of several lovely ladies Greenwich-based Dent met online a couple years back, who he offered to pay a few G's for several in-person meetings per month (in addition to cash for other personal expenses and whatnot).
Imagine Dent's surprise when he found out these girls were just using him! You think you know a person you're paying for sex, and then they threaten to expose the situation you've got going on unless you send them a bunch more unmarked bills, which you do (Dent wired Dawn and husband Christopher Jessop $100,000 to "make the issue go away"). After such a betrayal-- and after Dawn and Chris asked for another $50,000-- it'd be only natural to get bent out of shape and call the cops. If they think they can walk all over you, they've got another thing coming, am I right? You're nobody's fool (even though this was the second time you got blackmailed by a lady-friend you met on the same website, and not that last).
Dawn was sentenced to three years probation, while husband/talent agent Christopher got 18 months in the big house and three years probation as well. According to the Jessop's lawyer, Mickey Sherman, the whole thing was "one of those bad decisions that people make, bad judgment and downright stupidity." In related news, Dent has not been charged with anything, lest other victims debating whether or not to come forward be scared off.
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