The Affordable Dream?

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A lot depends on the ability of Chrysler to shove several-year-old refrigerator designs with radial tires glued under them out the plant doors in large numbers for a number of years- or as long as it takes for Fiat to get their designs into production. That, of course, means... advertising and marketing.

Chrysler LLC is preparing to launch a marketing campaign to reassure customers and potential buyers that the auto maker is still alive and expects to bounce back from its bankruptcy filing.
The auto maker also will back its ads with a new slew of incentives starting Tuesday, according to dealers who were briefed on the campaign.
Print and TV ads are expected to break as soon as Monday using the tagline, "We're building a better car company....Come see what we're building for you," according to dealers.

We're not sure about you, but we think an American legend like Chrysler can do better. No?
You tell us, what should NewCo's tagline be?
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