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The Trouble With Dubai

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Dubai isn't having the best day. Debt piles up. Their reliance on foreign workers, both of the white and blue collar variety, is just fine, until those workers begin to discover that the Western enclave in the middle of the Middle East lacks anything resembling a Western legal system. Now, more disturbing tidings:

In a surprise move, the Dubai government Monday removed Nasser Al Shaikh from his position as director general of the emirate's finance department, raising questions about the stewardship of its economic restructuring.
No reasons were given for the decision, which comes just months after he was appointed as a key official in Dubai's efforts to restructure its economy to cope with the global financial crisis.
A statement on the official Emirates News Agency said Al Shaikh was replaced by a royal decree from Dubai's ruler by Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Saleh. Al Shaikh will assume a minor role as assistant director in the office of foreign affairs in Dubai.

Has anyone else noticed that the vast majority of skylines of Dubai one sees are artist renderings?
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