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The Worst Job In The World

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Okay, it's not the worst but it is certainly a thankless one. You'd think sending people money in the mail would go far in ingratiating yourself to them but apparently you'd think wrong. In fact, the Madoff investors who Irving Picard, the trustee appointed to oversee Ponzi Nation's liquidation, has been tirelessly working for don't really give a rat's ass that his team has been at this thing round the clock, and are actually getting downright nasty. They think he's not moving quickly enough on the 8,800 claims, and when it comes to the ones that have been taken care of (251 so far), apparently it's not enough. According to Helen Davis Chaitman, many Madoff investors "have been forced to go on welfare, use food stamps, and sell their homes for a fraction of what they are worth."
Picard himself isn't taking it personally, telling his staff "with this kind of pain, don't expect a 'thank you,' don't expect a 'well done.' " Still, we feel bad for the little fella, and while we're not certain it'll work, would suggest he consider delivering the money on huge checks, Publisher's Clearing House-style. Guessing that'd get, on the conservative side, at least a few people to grumble "thanks, pal" under their breathe, and shooting for the stars, tears of joy and wonderment at the presence of Ed McMahon at their house.