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There Was A Reason, I'm Sure Of It

Outsiders stepping in from that center of business acumen and industry, Italy, to reinvigorate American business practices is a nuance that hasn't gotten much play in the recent Big Auto Quagmire while more disturbing stories (like cement shoes for debt-holders) made the rounds. But now that it is clear that progress demanded changes in long-standing rules of the financial road (at the expense of certain politically unpopular elements) let's get down to the business of letting Fiat's genius show us the way. What do your management geniuses have for us first, Fiat?

Fiat SpA may use designs or technology from General Motors Corp.'s Opel in future Chrysler LLC models as part of a global auto alliance, people familiar with the discussions said.

Uh... so... you want to take something Big Auto owned already, and pull it into Chrysler, which Big Auto used to own? This is the genius management expertise we needed? (Actually, after a little reflection on the last few members of Big Auto senior management we remember, this is a relative improvement).

The talks involve folding GM and Fiat's European and Latin American operations into a new company, said the people, who asked not to be identified because details aren't public. GM wants 40 percent of the new company, while Turin, Italy-based Fiat's preference is to give 30 percent, two people said.
Adapting Opel designs for Chrysler vehicles would form a tight link between GM and the Fiat-Chrysler venture, spreading costs among more models to save money. Global sales for GM, Fiat and Chrysler were about 12.4 million in 2008, topping the 8.97 million of Toyota Motor Corp., the world's largest automaker.

More revenue than Toyota? That's where its at! If the last 8 years have taught us anything it is that bigger is better! Bigger cars. Bigger companies. Too big to fail. Big revenues. (Profits to follow after big delays).
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