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Those Were The Days

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One more excerpt from Kate Kelly's Street Fighters. Maybe it's the schizophrenic weather, but this is getting us embarrassingly mistily nostalgic for last year.

Cayne was late to the board's 11:00 AM call that [Saturday] morning, and Ace Greenberg was angry. As soon as Cayne came on the line, Greenberg asked if he'd been delayed at the bridge table. Cayne said no. The two then began to argue about whether Cayne should return to New York for the next two days' deliberations, rather than where he was and deliberate telephonically. Cayne didn't want to leave. "It's very difficult," he told the directors. "Why do I have to come back? I can do it by phone."
"We can't afford to have another story that you're playing bridge this time," Greenberg snapped.