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Unfounded Rumor Of The Afternoon: Fast Money Meltdown Edition

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So! As you're aware, Jeff Macke had something of a bizarre appearance during an interview with Dennis Kneale on CNBC last week, prompting viewers and network execs alike to wonder if he was on something or had just lost it independent of stimulants. His contract, which may or may not run out without a renewal, is up in June, so that's apparently been a source of stress for J. Mack, as has HR being on his ass over a playful repartee with former Fast Money host, Dylan Ratigan. The episode of course could've been nothing and tied to nothing and merely the Mackster's lighthearted attempt to get through an hour with Dennis Kneale, but here's another conspiracy theory, for those interested in that sort of thing:

Macke was short financials, long SKF, etc. His asset management arm blew up and blew out. Might be why he lost it.

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