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US v. UK: Blow v. Dough

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Have you perhaps been offered employment both at home and across the pond? Basically the decision comes down to this. Which is more important to you-- working without the tentacles of TARP, or quality cocaine?

Prices per kilo have risen from £39,000 in 2008 to over £45,000 (50,000 euros), but street prices have remained stable.
However, new figures obtained by the BBC suggest almost a third of police seizures are now less than 9% pure, the lowest recorded purity level.
The data, collected by the Forensic Science Service, reveals how drug gangs are using increasing amounts of chemicals - so-called cutting agents - to dilute cocaine powder sold on the streets of Britain.
They include the cancer-causing drug phenacetin, cockroach insecticide and pet worming powder.

World Cocaine Market In Retreat [BBC]