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Westchester Banker Wives Downgrading In The Automotive Department

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Here at Dealbreaker we've been taking careful note of the various ways in which the wives of formerly successful financial services hacks have been forced to demean themselves due to unprecedented market volatility. Flying commercial over private. Wearing J. Crew. Performing A2M without even the possibility of it resulting in a trip to the ATM. Now Cityfile reports the disease has spread to these ladies' mode of transport. The wife of Gary Reback, the ex-Bear trader suing JPMorgan for the $2 million bonus and $1.1 million severance package he believes is owed to him has reportedly been spotted around town not in her old Mercedes G-class SUV, but the Honda Pilot the essentially destitute couple traded it in for.* And she's not alone. "They're not the only ones," a tipster told Cityfile. "For the wives of unemployed bankers in Westchester, the Honda Pilot is the new 'It' car."
*As if being married to a gay dog toting husband wasn't punishment enough.