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Will It Never End?

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There are many models by which one recovers from public disgrace (Milken comes to mind as an excellent example). Recovery from rank hypocrisy is (or at least should be) far more difficult. Unfortunately, Spitz is still at it:

In my last column, I wrote about how the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the most powerful financial institution in America after the national Fed, has been entirely dominated by Wall Street bankers, without any meaningful public input. In this column, I want to suggest how this governance crisis could be remedied.

Unfortunately, Spitzer has a riled and willing audience and he need only continue to intone barbed breathings about the evil of it all and his audience may well give him a pass on that whole slew of prostitutes thing. Sure, it is amusing to watch Slate capitalize on the detritus of Spitzer's career. But that amusement will run thin quickly when Spitzer leverages it into his next slot- as you know he will.
How To Fix the New York Fed [Slate]


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