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Will Resigned NYFed Chair Stephen Friedman Get Booted From Goldman Board?

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If shareholder Evelyn Davis has anything to say about it, yes! Goldman's annual investor meeting is under way and Davis, who Dealbreaker has previously documented attends these things with the sole purposeof looking to score somea that hot chairman ass,* took the mic to offer the following in Friedman's general direction. (If you're not familiar with E-Dav, we suggest you take two to listen to this clip in order to better understand how soil-himself-terrifying the delivery was for Even Stephen.)

Mr. Friedman, pack-up your bags and go! You should leave right now, never to be seen again. You are a disgrace to Goldman Sachs. Why don't you take your bag and get the hell out of here.

According to Rebecca Jarvis, Lloyd Blankfein characterized E-Dav's words as "way off base" and, in his opinion, Friedman did "nothing wrong."
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*Her mission having been accomplished with Ken Lewis, and Dick Parsons.


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