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Write-Offs: 05.15.09

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$$$FDIC disputes report on bank CEOs being replaced [Reuters]
$$$Job of the Week: Morgan Stanley needs a credit risk analyst. That could be you. [DB Career Center]
$$$ "Gone is the distinct masculine flavor of an all-male college. The maleness of the Nassau Inn's Tap Room has been replaced by a female, dainty, tearoom atmosphere. A glance at the Class Notes reveals that younger class secretaries are almost entirely women.
My fear is that the Princeton Univer-sity I knew has been taken over by a female majority (for better or worse). I am surprised that other male graduates are not upset by these developments." Yeah! And don't think this hasn't had a direct affect on the Street, where you were once able to smoke pole on the desk without the prying eyes of women. Now? Not so! [PAW via AWL]
$$$Defecating is back at Merrill [clusterstock]
$$$ Who wouldn't want to play asshole with these guys? You can, right here!