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Write-Offs: 05.29.09

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$$$Citi jets for sale! [Cityfile]
$$$ Confidential to Christopher Meek: We read you were upset with the write-up we did of your program. And that upsets us! We get that since 99% of the time we're making fun of people, you probably assumed you were getting the same treatment, but you assumed incorrectly. In all seriousness we think you're doing a very nice thing for the people of Stamford, and, believe it or not, the headline "Goldman Sachs trader to the rescue" was completely sincere. Email us if you don't believe it. [Norwalk Advocate]
$$$Little parody for your weekend. [Youtube]
$$$After 93 Years, G.M. Shares Go Out on a Low Note [Dealbook]
$$$ Job of the Week: Bloomberg needs a senior loans analyst. That could be you. [DB Career Center]