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150 Years: Really So Bad That He Wouldn't Have Done It All Over Again?

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Bernie didn't get the 12 years he was hoping for, instead going downtown for 150. Effectively a life sentence, though spawns of satan tend to live longer than the rest of us so no promises he won't get out in 2159 and live the greatest 3-5 years of his life. We don't yet know where he'll be bunking, but even if it's the hardcorest of FPMITA prisons, I don't see him having that bad a time, and in fact possibly downright enjoying himself. It's not like he's some young guy who'll be all regretful about not getting to live a full life, and up until December, he had a pretty great run, what with the vacay houses, yachts and for pay handies. So. Putting yourself in Ponz's shoes:

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