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Accounting For Erin Burnett's Whereabouts This Morning

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[via Clusterstock]
Most of you have probably noticed by this point that Rebecca Jarvis is sitting in Erin Burnett's seat on Squawk Box this morning. Mark Haines opened the show by saying only that his main squeeze was off, but did not get into more detail, either because she left coldly in the middle of the night* without leaving a note, or because he needed the camera to cut away while he dealt with the tears. No matter. She's been located. Burnett is moonlighting over on the Today Show where she's had her hands full conducting interviews on a wide-range of topics including Susan Boyle and Jon & Kate. For those of you worried that she'll get rusty when it comes to talking cash money, do not fear. Erin also spoke with the South Dakota rancher who won a $232 million Powerball jackpot. As for you, Mark, dry those eyes. While we did sense a little chemistry between EB and Matt Lauer, it was likely just for show (she's a professional afterall). You know she'd never leave you for good.
*All CNBC co-hosts are required by contract to bunk together.