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Alan Schwartz Is Back

Former Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz has resurfaced after what has surely been a fun-filled year or so. After watching 383 Madison fall to the House of Dimon across the street, attending congressional roastings, and taking on a leading role in the books House of Cards and Street Fighters, surely the king of the former Bear empire was going to come out of this rejuvenated and ready to prove that it was Jimmy Cayne's fault after all. Mr. Schwartz's new destination is, in the words of the Wall St. Journal, "little known Guggenheim Capital Partners LLC". Ok- the Journal isn't too big on Guggenheim. Who cares? Alan Schwartz is surely fired up and ready to go. After non-stop viewing of Miracle and every Rocky movie, he must be as amped as a rodeo bull ready to burst out of the corral. He has probably rehearsed his own Braveheart-inspired war cry for his return thousands of times. So what exactly did the man himself tell the Journal about his return to silence his critics and fire up the troops, "Fate has dealt me an opportunity to start from scratch". Forget 'they may take our lives but they'll never take out freedom', 'fate has dealt me an opportunity to start from scratch' will go down as one of the defining motivational quotes of our time.