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Almost Time to Play Ball Again

Can it really be true? Is the Treasury going to free the likes of GS, MS, and JPM from the TARP jail it threw them in during that nefarious meeting last October 13th? You know the one. The meeting without any written account of it (or maybe not) when Hammerin Hank Paulson said 'take this money and love it'. In a CNBC interview this morning, Tim Geithner stated, "I think I expect you're going to see substantial repayments from some institutions relatively quickly,".
We would love to hear a slightly revised version of this statement which eliminates the uncertainty resulting from Timmy thinking that he expects substantial repayments. Regardless, just give the word and Lloyd Blankfein, John Mack, and Jamie Dimon will fire up their corporate Flying Winnebagos (this is a TARP release party after all- no need to fly commercial) and proceed at ludicrous speed to Washington to present the Treasury with briefcases full of cash. The finish line is in sight. Let's hope TG doesn't have second thoughts.