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Another Peterson Relative About To Embarass The Hell Out Of Pete

Remember, back in the heady days of June 2007, when Blackstone co-founder Pete Peterson's daughter Holly wrote the barely beach readable book The Manny, which was promoted by this class-fest of a video, featuring Karen Duffy rapping about the perks of having a male nanny on staff, and included a transvestite maid and a midget?

Peterson was said to be horrified by the tome and publicly described Holly as "the most egregious self-promoter in America." So surely he's super-psyched to watch (or not watch) as his grandson, Peter Carey ("PC"), nephew of Holly, stars in Bravo's new reality series, Prep, which is of the same genre as the Real Housewives but follows a bunch of bratty New York teenagers. Let's meet PC, who tells us "the recession is my bitch," now.

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