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BAC Shareholder May Air Grievances To BAC Board

The Postreports that Bank of America fractional owner (currently clocking in at 1.1 million shares) Jerry Finger may finally be granted the opportunity to tell the board everything it (and management) is doing wrong (actual words: "offer insight about how to fix the hobbled banking giant"). Presumably, slide number one will be a picture of the fellow at left, who Finger has been trying to send home in a body bag formonths at this point. Bank of Amerillwide claimed in March that it had met with Mr. Finger "several times to hear his concerns and [attempt] to address them." Assuming that wasn't a lie, perhaps the term "meeting" was being loosely used to include "sent a first year out to the parking lot to stand there and nod his head every so often, cutting Finger off at around an hour." This time, now that Big Jer has achieved a modicum of success by stripping Lewis of the chair role, maybe they're rolling out the red carpet? More importantly, does this image from the Post's graphic department (whose work we've professed to be huge fans of on many occasions) make any sense whatsoever?

So Finger is God, and Lewis is Moses? It's been a while but we're pretty sure Moses was supposed to be sent by God to the Promise Land (after a 40 year journey), and Lewis being fired wouldn't exactly be the same as an all-expenses paid trip to the Land of Milk and Honey. Unless a. the paper's graphics guys really know their Jewish history, which is that Moses never actually made it there (dying first), and this is some kind of sick joke or b. they're playing to the fact Lewis's job right now is about as fun as a kabob stick to the urethra, and being told to leave really would be a gift?