Bailed Out CEOs Used Company Jets For Private Use Several Months Ago-- How Does That Make You Feel?


Angry? Steaming mad? As though you could kill a person with your bare hands? That's what the Journal is hoping, which is presumably why they blasted this story in an News Alert last night, as though it JUST. COULDN'T. WAIT. Get a load of this: a bunch of CEOs whose company's took TARP money used their firm's jets for personal use after receiving the funds.
Like Ken Lewis. Two days after Christmas he flew to the Reynolds Plantation Resort in Greensboro, Georgia, which cost the taxpayer $5,300. And John Mack-- on December 26 he flitted off to Wilmington, North Carolina, where he just so happens to own a beach front property, a trip which clocked in at about 8 large. Oh, and get a load of this: Sandy Weill borrowed Citi's ride for a jaunt to Mexico for a New Year's bash which, yes, you already knew but still, doesn't it just make your blood boil? Is there huge vein in your forehead about to burst? Are you about to rip off your shirt Hulk-style and either march on down to Ken Lewis's desk and knock everything off in a rage that would've been more effective if you'd gotten the office right, or send a strongly worded email to Mack, subject line: UNACCEPTABLE?

If you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations-- you give a shit. Us, not so much. Let's get serious for a second-- who cares? First off, this happened months ago, not, say, last night. Second, how many more times/ways do these people have to prove to you that they're basically imbeciles? Really. They've literally done everything they can to get you to see this. I honestly believe that they didn't understand that this would be frowned upon, because they're just that dumb (if not dumb then entirely lacking in any self-awareness or any self-control whatsoever). They need to be expressly told "if you do this, people will get their panties in a bunch and Barney Frank will jab you with a scalding hot poker." Finally, how are we expected to give a rat's ass about this when they've fucked up on so many other things before/during/since then? The houses have been burned down and we're harping on the fact that they took the car out sans permission. Bitches, please.