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Bernie Madoff's Latest Victim

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Bernie Madoff has hurt a lot of people. He's supposedly upset and apologetic over the pain he's caused but let's get real for two secs: he doesn't give rat's ass. He doesn't know these people, he doesn't care about them, he cannot stand Footlose and above all, buddy boy's motto is "lookin' out for number one." According to witnesses at the courthouse, Ponzi-B didn't seem that broken up when he was making his statement and there might've even been a gesture resembling a shrug while his victims, who he had his back to, were telling their stories. At this time, a lot of you are probably wondering what it's gonna take to penetrate this guy. In advance of whatever Bubba's got in store, we're thinking we've got the answer. Obviously, we're talking about Gary Busey, and obviously we're talking about the fact that because of Bernie, The Buse was robbed.

No, GB wasn't a Madoff investor, that we know of. What we do know is that today is The Buse's 65th birthday and there's has not been nearly as much talk and fanfare surrounding the event as there would've been had a certain fuckstick not stolen the limelight with his precious sentencing. While his handlers are probably happy G-Buse-- who you should all note looks pretty fantastic for a crackhead his age-- demonstrated remarkable restraint in not busting through the courthouse this morning, we do think a lap around the NYSE at the close would be in order, and perhaps a mention of the big day by Maria Bartiromo, Bob Pisani and whoever they happen to be chatting it up with at the time.* And tributes from all of you. For those in need of inspiration:

*Confidential to MB: I actually really want this and am not joking. Do it for The Buse, you know he'd do it for you.