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Bridgewater Is Sick And Tired Of Its Pearls Of Wisdom Getting Widely Disseminated

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And here's what they're doing about it! HFA reports:

For more than 30 years, Bridgewater Daily Observations has provided clients with "real-time thinking in the global financial markets," Ray Dalio said in a May 27 email to his investors. The problem, Dalio said, is that some of his readers are sharing the newsletter with others, including competitors and the media. This threatens the "tradition of open, quality communication," he added.
Bridgewater...will now require investors and other recipients of the newsletter to install special software designed to prevent the emailed document from being forwarded or printed. Installing the technology requires "minimal effort" Dalio said, and can by done anytime over the "next few months."

Which is fine, we guess, if you're not interested in thinking outside the box. Since we always took RD to be an outside the B thinker, we're going to take this opportunity to a) note that this is the sort of pedestrian measure we'd expect from a lesser firm throwing a hissy fit over people circulating their "we're down 70 percent" updates and b) implore him to come up with something better. Some jumping off points include emailing the Daily Observations with an FYI that any attempts to forward or print will cause not only the email but the device it's being read on to self-destruct, sending it out one syllable at a time, or requiring investors to appear in person at Bridgewater to have the letter read aloud to them (by a rotating roster of enticing celebrity guests). Surely you can do better.