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Citi To Raise Fresh Capital?

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By suing the pants off the girls at left? I'd say it's a distinct possibility. Katie Shea and Susie Levitt, NYU students, who identify themselves as "recessionista entrepeneurs," have started a line of flat shoes that can be folded into small handbags. The duo got the idea for the company after a summer of hoofing it in heels as Wall Street interns. It's called: Citisoles. Cute? Yes. Pandito's people's next target? Most definitely. Considering the bank's track record (in February the Big C filed suit against "All Citi Pawn Shop" for jacking the bank's name and logo, demanding that ACPS not only drop the name, but turn over all profits since its adoption, which far surpassed earnings for '08), it'll be a matter of hours before they hear from lawyer's representing Vikula suing for damages "and then some" (those would be VP's words, who's downright pissed over the girls leaving him out of the start-up, which the three of them came up with last summer while bitching over 4-inch inflicted blisters at lunch). [via Daily Intel]