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DealBreaker Comment(s) Of The Day

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We cut you guys down prettay, prettay, prettay frequently. It's all warranted, of course, but we've decided we should be pumping you up, too, for the things you occasionally get right. Moving forward, we'll be taking the time to highlight the best comments from the peanut gallery (please note that the frequency of these little back pats will be dependent a) how badly you show me you want it and b) how lazy we're feeling). I don't know if it was the sharks or the coke, but today a whole bunch of you brought it and brought it hard. Two in particular.

In response to What Kind Of Shark Is A Bank Of America Shark?

Posted by guest, Jun 17, 2009 3:06PM
Sharks that can suck on my shark's dick. Get somea this.
-- Stevie

In response to Bernanke To Testify Next Thursday On Bank of Amerillwide Deal

Posted by guest, Jun 17, 2009 9:00AM
Idiot from Congress: Mr. Bernanke would you care to tell us exactly what role you played in the Bank of America Merril Lynch deal please?
The Beard: I'm talking about me, in the Federal Reserve of New York Building, live, uncut, in person, bringin' in the CEOs, luuuubin' the deals.