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Did Bernanke And Paulson Gag You And Throw You In The Back Of A Trunk?

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Every single one of you should have an internal countdown ticking away already but as a reminder: T minus 30 minutes 'til Ken Lewis takes the hot seat re: Paulson and Bernanke telling him to put Merrill's losses in the lock box 'til after the deal went through. We'll be liveblogging the flogging, obviously, but ahead of the big show, can we just talk about how insanely giddy we are for this thing? Remember how psyched we were for the hedge fund hearing? That's nothing compared this, for a few reasons including but not limited to the fact that Ken Lewis is going to be all by himself up there (save for Angelo Mozilo's voice in his ear, coaching him through this from a van parked down the street), hearing taped conversations in which Bernanke told Paulson, "No more meetin's, no more discussions, no more tricks," and the possibility that Lewis, if he decided to go with a breakfast of shots, will excuse himself to throw up. And speaking of breakfast: what sort of brain food do we imagine K to the L downed before going into battle?

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