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Did Jamie Dimon Put The Kibosh On Ace Greenberg's Writing Career?

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Maybe! Former Bear Stearns chairman and current JPMorgan employee Ace Greenberg was supposed to be writing a book about the rise and fall of Bear Stearns. But the project has apparently be shelved, possibly at the direct "request" of Bearpont Morgan Stearns CEO Jamie Dimon, likely out of a desire to avoid the press associated with being the firm employing the guy spilling ink on the topics of magic tricks, ass grabbing, dogs shows, and banging Barbara Walters, all of which he was planning on weaving throughout the tale. Which is admittedly disappointing, though do not fear, as Dealbreaker has reached out to Ace and offered to publish the tome chapter by chapter. Keep your fingers crossed, as it would make an excellent edition to our book club.