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Dylan Ratigan Announces Dylan Ratigan's Arrival At MSNBC

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So, not sure if the vibe over at MSNBC is just one big orgy of free love of and verses of Kumbaya but I do know that at CNBC it's every man, woman and Mark Haines for himself. They will cut one of their own bitches to get a story and go circus freak crazy on the ass of whoever dares step into their den. Territory is routinely marked, and when Charlie Gasparino first started at the network he dropped trou and went from desk to desk leaving "a little pieca me," just to get the word out that there was a new guy in town. Presumably, that would explain Dylan Ratigan's behavior of late.

Ratigan hasn't even started his new gig at MSNBC, and he's already alienating staffers in the newsroom. The acerbic financial guru "has posted 'Team Ratigan' signs on the desks he and his team are taking over, as well as in an empty office he's turning into his conference room," an insider tells us.

Granted, this comes from the Post, so, you know. MSNBC confirms the signs (though not the shirts), but claims "no one is pissed off about it." Which, not to be an instigator, seems to indicates that D-Rat has failed to bring it, and why we'd suggest bringing on one of his boys from the old neighborhood, who just came into some time on his hands. Hire him under the guise of on-air commentating, use him as the Number 2 who'll bust into the men's room when you've got to take a leak, kick open the stalls and yell "everybody out," seal the off the area and stand guard outside. After a while people will just stop using the place and referring to it as Dylan's Domain. That's when you'll have started alienating people and only then will you know you've arrived.